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Toyota Cabin Air Filters in Wilsonville Oregon

Video Title: Checking your Toyota's cabin air filter

Genuine Toyota Cabin Filters


Engine air filters keep unwanted materials out of vital engine parts, but what about your vehicle’s cabin, where you and your passengers spend their time? Air contaminants like bacteria, allergens, soot and even carbon monoxide are found in far greater amounts outside your cabin than within it. Your vehicle's cabin filter keeps the unwanted stuff out letting you breathe cleaner air and keep your upholstery smelling fresher longer.

As you drive and use your heater and A/C over time, the cabin filter won't be able to work as effectively as a fresh one. Debris will eventually build up and clog air flow through this system. Your cabin air filter might be backed up and worn out if you're getting weaker air flow from the heater and A/C vents, if you notice excessive dust inside the cabin, or if your car is starting to develop a musty smell.

The majority of cabin filters are found behind the glove compartment or under the dashboard, some are found under the hood, and require little or no tools to access. A quick peek at the filter should be an indication on the need for a replacement.

A genuine Toyota Premium cabin filter is designed to fit your Toyota and has the added bonus of active charcoal. The addition of charcoal helps trap contaminants on a molecular level making the Toyota Premium cabin filter more effective than a standard paper filter, keeping the air you breathe fresh and clean while you drive.

Get a Toyota Premium cabin filter at Wilsonville Toyota and as always our Toyota-trained technicians are here to make sure it is installed right.

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