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Genuine Toyota Transmission Fluid, Oil, Anti-freeze and other Fluids in Wilsonville

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Keep your engine happy and keep the temperature gauge from spiking with Toyota Super Long Life Anti-freeze/Coolant. It comes in a pre-diluted 50/50 formula so there's no mixing to worry before putting it in your radiator. Its non-corrosive formula doesn't damage rubber seals in the water pump, keeping your radiator system healthier, longer.

Genuine Toyota Motor Oil

Whether you change your oil at home or through our Wilsonville Toyota service center make sure to get Genuine Toyota Motor Oil to protect your engine. It comes in any grade your Toyota needs and is specifically formulated for maximum performance and protection for whatever Toyota you drive.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Many newer Toyota vehicles are certified to use 0W-20 synthetic motor oil. While 0W-20 has been around for a number of years, you may not have heard of it until recently. It is as light as possible, the "0W" means "zero weight", meaning when your engine is starting cold the oil travels more freely than heavier grade oils that take a while to warm up, offering a higher level of engine protection and increased fuel economy.

Brake Cleaner

Toyota's brake cleaner is a powerful formula designed to keep your the brakes on your Toyota working smoothly in between brake pad and rotor services. It digs down deep to remove brake fuild, grease, oil, dirt and other contaminants from your calipers and rotors.

Battery Cleaner

Detect leaks and prevent corrosion build up on your battery and battery housing with Toyota's specially designed battery cleaner. It contains at strong cleaning solution, as well as an acid detector all in a convenient, easy to use spray can. The light red color of the spray turns blue when it detects acid, helping you identify if you have dangerous battery leakage. It even leaves behind a thin layer of protective film to combat corrosion.

Transmission Fluid

Having an automatic transmission doesn't just mean not having a clutch and a manual gear shift. From your regular 6-speed automatic to an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission automatic gearboxes have become more complex over the years. Keep the meticulously engineered transmission in your Toyota happy and shifting smoothly with genuine Toyota Transmission Fluid.

Brake Fluid

Does your brake pedal feel a bit mushy when you press down? Or does it not spring back as quickly as it should? It could mean a leak in your brake lines, or it could simply mean you're running low on brake fluid. Get your Toyota DOT3 brake fluid from Wilsonville Toyota so you know you're getting the right stuff for you Toyota brake system.

As always if you need any of your fluids topped off, refilled, or flushed and replaced the experts at Wilsonville Toyota can do it all.



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