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The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime at Wilsonville Toyota

Introducing: Prius Prime


Prius Prime, the brand new 2nd-generation PHV is the latest edition to the growing Toyota Prius family of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. With an EPA-estimated 133 MPGe* and a total driving range of up to 640 miles, the Prius Prime is truly ahead of its class.

The Prius Prime gives you everything you've come to expect from the Toyota Prius line of vehicles. Best in-class fuel economy, a smooth comfortable ride, and some of the most highly rated five-year-cost-to-own vehicles on the road. Above all Prius Prime is still a Prius, it just has new versatile driving options, and a new look.

Prius Prime is a PHV, which stands for "Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle". Like its competitors, the Chevy Volt, the Ford Fusion Energi, and the 1st-generation Prius Plug-in, the Prius Prime can be driven solely with its electric motor, independent of gasoline. The batteries that power the electric motor can be recharged with an outside power source, hence the "plug-in" part of PHV. While Prius Prime's competitors function the same way, none can match its EPA-estimated 133 MPGe, 53 combined MPG and total range.

Prius Prime Trim Levels: What's the Difference?

 Trims: Prius Prime Plus Prius Prime PremiumPrius Prime Advanced
 Audio 7.0-in Touch Display Entune™ Premium Audio w/ Navigation 11.6-in Touch Display Entune™ Premium Audio w/ Navigation 11.6-in Touch Display Entune™ JBL® Premium Audio w/ Navigation
 Safety Toyota Safety Sense-P & Star Safety System Toyota Safety Sense-P & Star Safety System TSS-P & STAR + Intelligent Park Assist, Blind Spot Monitor & Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
 Convenience Integrated Backup Camera Backup Camera & Qi-Wireless Smartphone Charging Backup Cam, Qi-Wireless Charging, Hybrid System Display, Speedometer & Navigation Heads-up Display

The 2nd-generation Prius Prime's electric range is a vast improvement from the 1st-gen Prius Plug-in. The range more than doubled from roughly 11 miles per charge to an EPA-estimated 25 miles per charge. For your daily commute to work, or just running errands, you may not have to use any gas at all with the Prius Prime.

But what about for longer trips? The Prius Prime gives you the best of both worlds: it gives you the money-saving, eco-friendly power of an electric vehicle for daily commuting, without having to sacrifice the freedom to go anywhere. The Prius Prime has the highest available range of PHVs at 640 miles! Once the 25 miles of EV range are spent Prius Prime functions the same as any other Prius with Toyota's signature Hybrid Synergy Drive.

The big drawback to fully-electric vehicles is the driving range. Just like a golf cart or your kid's remote control car, when an electric-only vehicle runs low on charge, it's not as simple as filling up at the gas station. You have to plug-in or risk being stranded. Charging stations exist, but they're few and far between. For example, the fully-electric Nissan Leaf's maximum range is around 100 miles. So if you wanted to do a family road trip you would have to map out your charging stations and spend hours recharging the battery each time you stop. It's not very practical. With the Prius Prime's driving range, you could go from Wilsonville Toyota to San Francisco on a full tank and charge.

Plus, Prius Prime combines all of that with the other standard features you've come to expect from a Toyota. Toyota Safety Sense (TSS-P) - with Full-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control to make those long trips even easier - comes standard with the Prius Prime (and every other Toyota vehicle by the end of 2017.) Plus, a huge 11.6-inch HD Multimedia Display (on Premium and Advanced trims) with Entune Audio makes getting where you need to go more fun.

Think Prius Prime could be the right car for you? Schedule an appointment at Wilsonville Toyota, or just stop on by. Take one for a test drive and let our Toyota experts help you decide if the Prius Prime suits your needs.

*For more information on MPGe, see our article here

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