Pre Collision System


PCS uses camera and radar (laser radar in TSS C and millimeter-wave radar in TSS P) to detect objects ahead of the vehicle. When the system determines there is a possibility of collision with a vehicle it prompts the driver to brake with an audio and visual alert. If the driver notices the hazard and brakes, the system provides additional braking force using “Brake Assist.” If the driver fails to brake in a set time, the system automatically applies the brakes, reducing speed by approximately 19 mph2 in order to prevent or mitigate the collision. The operational range of PCS covers speeds at which at least 80 percent of the rear-end collisions occur (i.e. relative speeds of between approximately 7-50 mph). For potential collisions with vehicles, the enhanced PCS system included with the TSS P package operates at relative speeds of between 7 mph and the vehicle’s top speed, reducing speed by approximately 25 mph3.