Peace of mind when the unexpected happens

Automatic Collision Notification – In the event of an airbag deployment or severe rear-end collision, safety connect will automatically notify our 24/7 response center.

Emergency Assistance Button – Connect with a response center agent at any time by using the Emergency Assistance button. Our agents are available 24/7 and will request emergency service dispatch if there ever comes a time when you need medical or other assistance on the road.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance – Press the “Emergency Assistance” button and connect with Roadside Assistance 24/7 – giving you peace of mind that help is on the way.

Stolen Vehicle Locator – In the event that your vehicle is stolen, immediately file a police report and notify our response center. Our agents can assist authorities by using GPS technology to locate your vehicle.

Safety Connect comes with a 3 year trial. Membership is required once the trial is complete. Learn more about pricing and memberships.