3 Best Places for Picnics In and Around Wilsonville

August 18th, 2016 by

The city of Wilsonville has 15 parks all in easy driving or boating distance. If your goal is to whittle these options down to the best places for a picnic, don’t worry. These three locations are all great parks in their own right that also happen to have picnic facilities and cool things to do nearby.


Murase Plaza

On a hot day, Murase Plaza is a good choice when the Willamette River is a bit too far. It’s also the strongest option for families with younger children since it has become a well-maintained community playground with interactive water features. Kids can run through a variety of play facilities, some modern and others more traditional, befitting the old days of Wilsonville. After a rowdy time, they can head to the spraying geysers to cool down.

The picnic tables and barbecue facilities at Murase Plaza are nicely sheltered with a tall roof, and visitors who want to book a more formal gathering should consider renting the century-old Stein-Boozier barn, which is very close to the play areas and gorgeously maintained on the inside.

Boones Ferry Park

This small but pleasant park on Boones Ferry Road has picnic tables and barbecue facilities. It’s also home to the Tauchman House, a rentable historic building over 100 years old and suited to fancier gatherings. Guests will be able to easily reach the Willamette river, basketball court, playgrounds, and restrooms with ease. There is even a trail under the nearby Boone bridge that lets visitors travel to Memorial Park, discussed below.

Traveling down the river from Boones Ferry Park is quite fun since the high position and trees make it a surprise. Guests won’t see the river until they’re nearly within its bed, but the short distance makes it easy to carry kayaks down to the water’s edge and float along the winding path to other parks.

Memorial Park

This 126-acre area is the city’s oldest, biggest, and best park. Acquired in 1969, Memorial Park has both preserved nature and fun additions like a community garden. There are also sporty areas like basketball, tennis, pickleball, and sand volleyball courts. Dog owners will love this park for its off-leash dog area which is a fine place to let the pooches run free and socialize. Memorial Park holds all athletic fields owned by the city, so there’s almost always a fun game to watch while you enjoy your picnic.

After a game or hike, guests can relax and enjoy their packed meal at one of two reservable group picnic areas or a central non-reservable shelter. If you’d like a more scenic entrance and have a boat, the dock on the south end of the area allows access during the day.

All three of these parks have walking trails, so there’s always an opportunity to walk around and enjoy nature before or after your picnic. Whether you’re visiting these parks with friends, family, or a date, we hope these three spots have just what you need to enjoy one of the calmest outdoor pastimes ever.

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