3 Portland Sports Bars Perfect for Watching the Game

November 3rd, 2016 by

Watching the GameYou can stay home to watch the big game, but what fun is that? Heading out to a sports bar is a much better choice. You get the multiple TVs, the game-time food and drink specials, and most importantly, the camaraderie of your fellow fans. Die-hard Portland sports fans have a plethora of bars to choose from.

The Fields Bar & Grill

Nestled within the Pearl district, The Fields offers an elegant, upscale bar atmosphere to meet any sports fan’s needs. Besides the usual full bar, dozens of TVs, and select wines, you’ll also find a hand-picked selection of local microbrews. Gilgamesh, Old Town Paulie’s, and Widmer are all represented. There’s an outside terrace where your canine companions are welcome to bark their approval when your team scores a touchdown.

Their menu is distinctive, and offers comfort food such as poutine, wings, and burgers. They also make a mean New York steak, beef short rib Korean tacos, salmon, and prawns. Check out their Avocado Fries, a legend in their own right.

Over and Out

Located in Southeast, the concrete floors, marble tables, and exposed ceiling may seem out of place in this hidden gem. Over and Out is another top-flight location to catch a game. TVs are plentiful but tastefully spread out among the facilities, so it’s a great place to have a date night and pretend you’re not checking the score every two minutes. Shoot a game of pool, or better yet, try one of the pinball machines lining the wall.

Over and Out is an extension of The Observatory, a trendy and tasty restaurant. This means that O&O has all you want from a fun sports bar yet still provides an unparalleled culinary experience. They serve beef burgers here, but you can also score a lamb or elk burger. They also serve Andouille mac n’ cheese with cheddar provalone sauce, broccoli, sausage, and garlic-panko parmesan crust. Rather have hot dogs? Try the local zenner jalapeno cheddar dog! O&O is quite affordable, even the entrees are less than $20.

4-4-2 Soccer Bar

Don’t let the name throw you, because 4-4-2 is not just about soccer. Located on Hawthorne Boulevard, they celebrate a love of all sports, whether they involve a ball, a stick, both, or none. This European-style sports bar is decorated with banners, jerseys, and murals. It’s a small place with a homey atmosphere. They serve Bosnian food, and pride themselves on their house-baked bread and hand-crafted meats. They also offer vegetarian and vegan options in a Mediterranean style.

Carnivores should not miss their specialty sandwich, Ćevapi. It’s loaded with cuts of beef and lamb and served with onions and ajvar (a spread made from eggplant, roasted red bell peppers, and garlic). They also serve pesto pasta, chicken dishes, and sausage, among other delicacies.

With such a vast selection of awesome sports bars in Portland, you have no excuses for staying home. Throw on your favorite jersey, slap on that face paint, and catch your favorite team at one of these terrific bars!

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