4 Fun Indoor Activities to do During Portland’s Winter

January 5th, 2017 by

While Portland’s winters can hardly be described as “brutal,” there are still many days in which it’s easier and more comfortable to stay indoors. Instead of climbing the walls, cooped up at home, consider a day trip to one of these awesome indoor Portland destinations.

4 Fun Indoor Activities to do During Portland's Winter

Evergreen Museum Campus Indoor Water Park

Located just a short drive away in McMinnville, the Wings and Waves Waterpark is an indoor attraction that’s open year-round and features no less than 10 waterslides. The “aviation” theme of the museum is strongly represented, and the highlight is an actual Boeing 747 airplane on the roof that you can slide out of and into the building. Guests as young as 2 can enjoy kiddie-sized slides. Waterslides range in thrill level from “timid” to “terrifying” so there’s something for everyone here.

If you prefer a more relaxing visit, never fear. Leisure pools, wave pools, and the mellow-looking Vortex Pool are also available. There’s even a 20-foot-wide high-resolution video screen that shows a variety of educational and entertaining features.

Guardian Games

Get your nerd on at one of the largest game stores in the world. Light years past Parker Brothers — though you can probably get a raging game of Monopoly on, if that’s your thing — Guardian Games hosts some of the most addictive and popular non-video games of today. From basics like Magic to cutting-edge sims like X-Wing and Netrunner, Guardian has it all. Hook up with friends to play for minutes, hours, or all day long.

Tournaments are held regularly, but for gamers who don’t take things quite that seriously, you may opt for their monthly Beer and Pizza night. This unorganized organic event attracts gaggles of gamers looking to share their favorites or learn new games to expand their geeky glories.

OMSI Laser Shows

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is all about learning, but for those seeking a vacation from reality, OMSI also hosts several laser shows set to a variety of music genres. Their schedule mirrors the vast range of local tastes. Check out classic rock shows featuring Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. Grab your Devo hat for That ’80s Laser Show. Catch the latest in electronica at the Laser EDM or Lasermau5 shows.

Powell’s City of Books

You’ve probably heard the expression “lose yourself in such-and-such store” but at Powell’s, it’s no exaggeration. This bookstore occupies an entire city block and is broken up into nine color-coded neighborhoods that house over 3,500 sections. About one million books are ready to be explored here. This may be the only bookstore where you’ll need your smartphone’s GPS to find your way out. Powell’s also boasts a full calendar of reading and signing events, as well as story times for kids, writers’ groups, and other bookish activities.

Portland is no stranger to bad weather, which is why some of the coolest indoor activities are to be found here. Grab those galoshes, slog on out to the car, and check out one of these endlessly entertaining destinations today!

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