The 3 Best Day Spas in Portland

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The 3 Best Day Spas in PortlandWhen Portland weather gets cold, rainy, and gray, there’s no better way to cheer yourself up than a visit to a day spa. To cure those wintertime blues, you’re far better off spending your dollars at a day spa than on a psychiatrist. Portland residents have access to some of the finest day spas in the world.


While Dosha has several branches all around town, none satisfy quite like the 8,000-square-foot Hawthorne location. Your Dosha experience begins when you change into a soft, luxurious robe and relax in the lounge, where you can enjoy snacks, water, and hot tea. Dosha offers massage and nail services, and it boasts a complete Aveda retail store.

After your therapist provides your treatment, you can explore Dosha’s expansive sauna, steam room, soaking pool, and granite shower facilities, all of which are free of charge with any spa service. Dosha is a co-ed facility, so swimsuits are required to access certain areas such as the soaking pool.

KIVA Tea Cafe and Spa

KIVA is a local treasure where you can enjoy coffee, smoothies, sandwiches, bowls, fresh juices, soups, salads, and of course, some of the finest tea in the world. In back, however, is where the core of KIVA’s wellness philosophy comes to life — the day spa. A wide range of services, including foot soaks, reflexology treatments, massage, leg wraps, and facials are offered. Romantic couples’ packages are available that include foot soaks and massages along with chocolate and champagne.

True to the place’s name, all KIVA spa services include your choice of tea. Any treatments 90 minutes or longer include a complimentary foot bath. Further savings can be unearthed via KIVA membership. For special occasions such as bridal parties, work outings, or birthdays, KIVA offers a $50 per person group rate and can accommodate up to 12 people. You’ll all receive 15-minute spa foot baths, a sweet or savory food plate, and your choice of wine, champagne, or tea.

Mudra Massage

While many day spas offer every sort of treatment under the sun, Mudra Massage takes a different approach by centering on what they do best. Several different massage styles are on the menu, including Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. This highly effective deep-tissue massage is achieved by leveraging gravity. Your therapist uses bare feet to apply broad, consistent pressure, using ceiling-mounted bars for balance and support. More conventional massages such as Swedish, Prenatal, and Deep Tissue can also be experienced.

Mudra also offers floatation therapy. Enter your private room, slide into the isolation tank filled with heated water infused with Epsom salts, and shut out the world to experience a meditative and relaxing mini-vacation unlike any other. Sensory deprivation therapy has been around since the sixties and provides the feeling of floating weightless in space, thanks to the buoyancy of the salt solution in use. It’s a lot more time- and budget-friendly than astronaut training.

Even a relatively laid-back town like Portland can be a bit stressful to navigate at times, and winter weather is no help. Unplug for a while at one of these amazing day spas, and you’ll never want to return to reality.

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