Why a Toyota is Perfect for Portland

July 28th, 2016 by

Portland, Oregon is a city known for its quirkiness and strong indie culture, some of which has even been highlighted in the comedy television show “Portlandia.” Whether you already live there or are thinking about moving there soon, there are several reasons why you should consider making a Toyota your main car while you’re a Portland resident.

An Eco-Friendly Approach

Toyota is Perfect for PortlandPortland is a very eco-friendly city, where a majority of its residents recycle their waste, and city authorities have even timed the traffic signals to reduce gas consumption. By driving a Toyota in Portland, you can also adopt a personal approach to reducing the amount of fuel you need to get around.

As a company, Toyota takes a two-pronged approach to making eco-friendly vehicles. The first part involves improving fuel efficiency for all its vehicles. Secondly, Toyota promotes hybrid vehicles as the cars of the future and has several in its family of models, ranging from the Toyota Prius to a hybrid version of the popular Highlander.

Plenty of Appealing Models to Choose From

Portland is a place where people take pride in being on the cutting edge. Sometimes that means wearing hipster apparel, and in other cases, it might relate to driving innovative cars. Toyota certainly has plenty of options when it comes to the latter. Maybe you’re interested in the sporty RAV4, which offers a power moonroof and motorized liftgate.

Or, perhaps it’s the crowd-pleasing Camry that’s caught your eye, thanks to its available voice-recognition system that lets you control parts of the car just by speaking, or the hybrid version, which has an energy monitor that gives real-time information about power levels as you drive.

Those are just two of the cars you might select when purchasing a vehicle to make your Portland travels perpetually pleasant. Whether you need a car with room for a large family or just a spouse, Toyota offers many cool choices.

Roomy Enough for All Your Road Trips

No matter which model of Toyota you choose, you’ll be able to look forward to driving a vehicle that’s well designed to carry all your passengers and cargo comfortably. Then, regardless of if you’re taking a ride around town or heading for some attractive surrounding cities that are easily accessible for those occasions when you want to take spontaneous road trips, like McMinnville or Bagby Hot Springs, your vehicle will get you there and back without making you feel cramped.

Many Toyota models have seats that go into multiple configurations so you can customize the setup whether you’re carrying lots of groceries or a few players from your child’s soccer team. Furthermore, they have features like storage nets and cup holders so you can keep essentials close at hand and avoid having cluttered interiors. Some models also have specially designed seats that offer more legroom than usual.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider picking a Toyota to take you on all your travels around Portland and beyond. Schedule your test drive today to pursue the next step towards ownership.

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