How to Plan an EV Road Trip

May 16th, 2022 by

Everything you need to know to prepare for long-distance electric vehicle travel

Couple getting ready to go on an EV road trip
Road trips are some of the most exciting aspects of warmer weather seasons —however, as the automotive industry begins to take a new trajectory into all-electric, people may be wondering how it will affect the way that we enjoy long-distance driving soon. If you’re driving an electric vehicle, of course, you can skip the gassing-up part altogether, and just be sure the battery is charged up nicely to get you where you’re going. Today’s EVs are capable of driving even longer distances due to continued improvements in batteries and other EV features. Still, there are a few things to know before you drive away that are a bit different from typical sroad trips you may have experienced in the past with your combustion engine vehicle.

1. Plan your charge ahead of time.

Couple mapping out charging stops for their road trip

The first (and likely most obvious thing) would be to plan your route in advance and know where compatible charging stations are along the way. There are many ways that you can go about doing this. Some apps help you navigate your trip and find where you need to stop to maintain your charge throughout your journey (Check out our top rated Apps for EV drivers in 2022). Make sure that you use a map and have marked the places along the way you will need to stop to maintain your charge. Be aware of your vehicles’ range and be prepared to plan your trip a little more around where you will need to stop. Realize that the current charging infrastructure in North America, while improving quickly, may not support long drives though desolate wildernesses. Be realistic about your adventure and be prepared.

2. Bring your L1 charging cable…just in case.

Bring your L1 charger just in case

Every EV comes with a free L1 charging cable included. It’s universally compatible and plugs into any standard grounded 120-V outlet. Don’t assume you won’t need it; bring it along for the ride. This charging cable might come in handy for when you can’t charge your vehicle at an on-site or commercial charging station. While the charging time may not be as quick as commercial charging-stations, your L1 charger can always help you out in a pinch.

3. Pack on the lighter side.

Packing lightly helps with EV range on a road trip
Don’t worry, your EV is not going to sink like a ship if you have a lot of stuff to bring along. While you can pack as much as you usually would on a road trip, there is a new element to consider before you take off—that is range efficiency. To get the most range out of your electric vehicle’s charge, the lighter you pack, the less energy you will use during your travels. For those extra-long drives, it is a good thing to consider; maybe don’t bring the dumbbells this time.

4. Plan lodging that offers on-site charging.

Lodging with EV charging
Many hotels nowadays, especially in metropolitan areas, offer their guests on-site charging, as data has shown that providing such amenities to guests creates a sort of symbiotic benefit. Hotels and other businesses which have charging stations available for their customers see additional revenue through increased sales. This, of course, is great for you too! Make sure to consider whether your lodging offers complimentary overnight charging. This will also help you save money, so you can spend it on other things you enjoy during your trip.

There are plenty of perks to making your road-trip in an electric vehicle. You’ll save money on gas, but you’re also helping to preserve our environment by not burning fossil fuels along the way. If you are traveling across different states, you may even be able to take advantage of HOV lanes, and other great benefits. Planning your road-trip in an electric vehicle is not a scary endeavor, and with preparation, can be one of the best, most stress-free road-tips you will have.

Feel free to share your EV road-trip tips with us below!