7 Interesting Facts for 2020 Supra Drivers

October 9th, 2019 by

After decades of waiting, the next generation of the Toyota Supra has arrived! The legendary coupe is back, and with some upgrades (as you can imagine, after a 20 year wait). The 2020 Supra has some quirky features, such as an electronic oil monitor and high-tech infotainment systems, so we put together a quick guide with some facts and tips about the all-new Supra.

1. Phantom Matte Grey Paint Care

Your new Phantom Grey Supra stands out in a crowd. Keep in in tip-top shape by hand washing only. The matte finish requires special care, so don’t run your beloved Supra through an automatic car wash. (See Owner’s Manual for more information: Vehicle Paint; Matte Finish.)

Matte Grey Supra

2. Supra Hood Precautions

To open the hood, all you need to do is pull the hood lever twice. Since the hood is aluminum, make sure you don’t push down on it when the time comes to close the hood. Instead, hold the hood about 20 inches above the closed position, and gently drop it into place. If both latches are not engaged, the hood will be visibly crooked. In this case, pulling the hood lever twice, raising the hood and pulling the hood lever twice again will re-sync both latches. Close the hood again and you’re ready to go.

3. Important Battery Notes

The Supra’s many on-board components and computers draw quite a bit of energy while they’re on. The 2020 Supra’s ignition switch works a bit different than most, and may leave computers on occasionally. To ensure all computers are fully shut off:

  • Close doors and lock the car when you exit, and ensure the keys are moved away from the car
  • If leaving the keys inside is necessary, press and hold the audio system on/off button for over 3 seconds
  • If desired, there is a vehicle setting that will power off computers after the door is opened. (Owners Manual: My Vehicle -> Vehicle Settings – > Door/Key -> Turn Off after door opening)
  • The AGM type battery is located in the trunk and while it has exceptional performance and a long battery life, if discharged completely, the lifespan can be significantly reduced.
  • For safety purposes, the unique battery terminals will disconnect completely in the event of an accident. Do not connect a charger or jump-pack directly to the battery. Instead, use the terminals under the hood. (Owner’s Manual -> Jump-starting -> Connecting the cables)

4. Dead Key Fob Battery Solution

In the event your key fob’s battery dies, the Supra provides a unique solution. Simply hold the key fob against the right side of the steering column.

5. Supra Oil

  • The 2020 Supra doesn’t have a dipstick for oil. The multimedia display is able to display your oil levels directly on the screen inside your vehicle!
  • The Supra’s oil changes are timed on the condition of the oil, rather than mileage. The vehicle will monitor the condition of the oil and count down the miles until the next oil change.

6. Light Controls

The Supra’s light switch is different than all other Toyota models. The distinctive left and right parking lights provide parking light illumination on either side of the car to assist in parking on the street. (Owner’s Manual -> Parking lights -> low beams -> roadside parking lights)

7. Key Fob and Rear Hatch

The Supra’s key fob has convenience features when the lock/unlock buttons are pressed and held.

  • Press and hold the lock button: windows roll up, mirrors fold
  • Press and hold the unlock button: windows roll down, mirrors unfold

(Owner’s Manual -> Remote control -> Unlocking -> General Information)

To open the rear hatch, press the release button on the driver’s door, or the key fob. There is no release button on the rear hatch itself.

(Owner’s Manual -> Trunk lid -> Opening and Closing)