Corolla vs. Corolla iM: What’s the Difference?

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If there’s one unifying truth of the universe, it’s that Toyota has a lot of vehicle models. In fact, at the time of writing, Toyota has more than 20 models in its production lineup.

How anyone’s supposed to keep track of all that, we’re not sure, but somehow we pull it off. And amid all this vehicular confusion, one question gets asked fairly often:

“What’s the difference between the Corolla and the Corolla iM?”

Corolla vs. Corolla iM

Readers who have already done a bit of research will have seen that the Corolla and Corolla iM have significantly different body styles. But that isn’t the only difference between the two vehicle models.

Also—before we get started—it should be noted that we’re comparing the 2018 Corolla and Corolla iM models. If you’re comparing other model years, you may notice small differences regarding the two vehicles.

Main Difference

The primary difference between the two models is that the Corolla is a sedan and the Corolla iM is a hatchback.

Corolla vs. Corolla iM

So if you’re looking for an incredibly reliable, simple sedan to get you where you need to be, the Corolla is likely your answer. If you’re the adventurous type, however, you may want the extra cargo space that comes with the Corolla iM. The Corolla iM, for instance, boasts 20.8 cubic feet of cargo room while the standard Corolla only provides 13 cubic feet.

Other Differences


Although the Toyota Corolla and Corolla iM both pack 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engines, the iM model has more horsepower at its disposal (137 as opposed to 132). On the other hand, the standard Corolla possesses a bit more torque than its hatchback counterpart (128 as opposed to 126). The standard Corolla also has an LE Eco grade, which sports 140 horsepower and 126 lb.-ft. of torque.

Fuel Efficiency

The two models also show small variations in fuel efficiency. The Corolla gets 28/36/32 (city/highway/combined) MPG in both its L and LE grades while the Corolla iM gets 27/35/30 with its manual transmission and 28/36/31 with its automatic transmission. The sporty Corolla SE gets 27/35/30 with its optional 6-speed manual transmission, and the Corolla LE Eco edges out the Corolla competition with 30/40/34.


The standard Corolla has a lower starting MSRP than the Corolla iM. While the Corolla iM’s MSRP begins at $18,850, the Corolla’s MSRP starts as low as $18,550.

Turning Radius

It won’t matter to all drivers, but the base Corolla boasts a slightly tighter turning radius than the Corolla iM. This further adds to the question of what you want to get out of your vehicle. If you’re on the lookout for an adventure car, the smaller turning radius likely won’t make a difference. But if you’re looking for a daily driver that can navigate tightly packed city streets as easily as possible, the standard Corolla is likely your best bet.

Overall, the Corolla and Corolla iM are very similar. It’s really up to you to decide which body style you find more appealing. While some drivers enjoy a traditional vehicle meant for the sole purpose of getting them from point A to point B, many prefer a more adventurous ride with extra storage space. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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