7 Tips for Road Tripping with Pets

May 7th, 2019 by

Whether you’re hitting the road with your dog, cat, bunny or whatever species your favorite furry friend is, there are some things you should prepare for beforehand.

Some pets tend to get anxious in the car, so creating a comfortable, welcoming environment for your trail-blazing pet is important.

Dog near a lake

1. Take your pet on short trips first

Before you head out on your excursion, make sure your pet is comfortable in the car. Loading your pet in the car and heading out on a 200+ mile trip can cause anxiety if your pet isn’t familiar with riding in the car.

During the weeks leading up to your trip, take your pet on short trips in the car. Once your pet gets a couple trips under his/her belt, start extending the length of the trips, little by little. This will allow your pet to feel much more comfortable riding in the car (and will help with shorter trips in the future).

2. Adjust your pet’s feeding schedule

It’s best to feed your pet 3-4 hours before you hit the road to avoid any car-sickness. There’s nothing worse than starting your exciting road trip only to have to pull over 30 minutes in to clean up vomit… Adjusting your pet’s feeding schedule to fit your trip’s itinerary can be very helpful (and much less messy).


3. Bring a crate

Make sure your pet has an enclosed space to relax in during your trip. The crate should be big enough for your pet to lie down, stand up and move around comfortably in. Letting your pet roam free can be dangerous in the event of an accident. If you decide to ditch the crate, make sure you keep your four-legged friend in the back seat with a harness attached to the seat buckle.

4. Pack smart

Prep the essentials before your trip! Here are some important items you won’t want to forget:

    • Pet food
    • Food/water bowls
    • Leash
    • Toys
    • Potty bags
    • Towels
    • First aid kit
    • Medical records
    • Blankets/pillows
    • Over the counter medication (in case of car sickness.)

5. Frequent stops

Potty breaks! Make sure you stop for a potty break every couple of hours. Most pets aren’t used to being in the car for hours at a time, so stopping frequently for bathroom breaks is essential. Make sure you pull off at a rest stop or a safe, confined area and not the side of the road.

Dog in a car

6. Crack the windows

Cracking the windows can help your pets feel more comfortable in the car, but make sure you don’t have the window low enough to where your pet can stick their head out of the window. While many drivers occasionally let their pup stick their head out of the window on short drives, this can be dangerous. Wind from high speed travelling can be harmful to your pet’s eyes and ears.

7. Get your pet microchipped

Before you leave on your road trip with your bestie, its good practice to make sure your pet is microchipped. In the event you get separated from your furry friend, having a microchip can help reunite with your loved one.

Are you ready for your next summer adventure with your BFF? Comment below with any further questions!