Etiquette 101 for Rideshare Passengers

September 15th, 2016 by

Etiquette 101 for Rideshare PassengersWhen you use a rideshare program such as Lyft or Uber, you need to keep in mind that you’re in someone else’s personal car. Whether you use ridesharing frequently or you’re just starting out, make sure that you’re following good etiquette and staying polite during your ride.

Be Ready

When you request a driver, make sure you’re ready. You’ll get an ETA, but keep in mind that the driver could be only minutes from your location. Don’t make the driver wait for you. If you’re not sure when you’ll be ready, wait to make the ride request until you’re fully ready. It’s better for you to wait for the driver than to make the driver wait for you. Along with this, make sure that you’re not on the phone or otherwise distracted when the driver gets to you.

Rate Appropriately

Rideshare drivers get the best riders when they give great rides. If you have a good experience with your Lyft or Uber driver, make sure you rate them appropriately. If the ride goes well, give a five-star rating. Remember that if a driver’s rating falls too far, they may lose their job. This doesn’t mean that you have to lie. If you had a bad experience with a driver, you don’t have to give five stars. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you should rate appropriately to how your ride went. Unfortunately, for some rideshare companies even a four-star rating is considered a failed drive, and can cause significant harm to a driver’s reputation.

Eat Carefully

If you feel like you have to eat or drink during your ride, make sure that you’re as careful as possible. If you wouldn’t like other people spilling in your car, don’t spill in theirs. If you’re on a short ride or don’t absolutely have to eat during the drive, don’t. If you’re bringing along a drink, consider one that has a cap to minimize spilling. Remember that your driver has to clean up any messes you make after you get out of the car, so be respectful of this fact.

Consider Tipping

While tipping isn’t required by rideshare programs, it’s a great way to show your driver that they offered a helpful service. You can, and should, tip good drivers who are punctual, nice, and helpful. Some apps allow you to add a tip to the cost you pay in the app. However, you can also tip with cash. While you don’t have to offer a huge tip, even a few dollars can make a driver’s day and can actually improve the rating the driver gives you as a rider. As with any service, a good tip is a great way to show your appreciation.

Getting a ride through a rideshare program is a great way to get where you need to go, safely. Be polite and considerate to your driver to improve your experience and theirs. Treat their car like you would your own and remember that you’re being rated as a rider.

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