3 Reasons Your Car Heater Has Gone Cold

November 10th, 2016 by

A lot can go wrong in your car, and your car’s heater can be one of those problems. Several different things can be the culprit here, depending on the symptoms you observe. Here are some reasons why your car heater may not be working properly.

Cold Car

No Air Circulation

If you activate your AC/heater and no air comes out of the vents, try checking the fuses first. Almost every fuse panel has a couple of spares mounted inside. Keeping a small box of spare fuses is a good idea in general.

If the fuse is still good, then the blower motor could be at fault. Another possibility is that the switch or knob itself is defective, so your control unit may need inspection.

Coolant/Antifreeze Issues

A car’s heating system works by circulating hot water from your cooling system through a part called a heater core. This core will warm up as air passes through providing heat inside the cabin. If your fan is blowing air but it’s not getting warm, a few things should be considered.

You may have low fluid levels in your cooling system. If there’s not enough fluid to reach the heater core, it won’t warm up. Check your radiator and external tank to make sure fluid levels are correct. You may have a leaky radiator or hose. Air bubbles in your cooling system can also be a problem. If your engine temperature fluctuates while driving, this is a sign that your system may need to be “burped” so the air can be removed.

If the weather is cold, your system may be so frozen that fluid can’t circulate at all. This is an issue, as it could cause your car to overheat while you freeze behind the wheel. You may need to invest in a block warmer if this is the case.
You may also have a clogged heater core due to rust or other contaminants. If your radiator fluid is an odd color or you see flecks inside, see a service technician. Bigger problems can occur if your system isn’t serviced right away.

Bad Thermostat

A thermostat is a small but important part that opens and closes your cooling system to maintain a proper operating temperature. It may seem that it’s best for your system to remain as cool as possible, but there needs to be sufficient warmth for your engine to run optimally. If your car always seems to run cold as seen on your instrument dashboard, the thermostat is probably stuck and needs to be replaced. Once it’s fixed, you’ll not only have heat inside, but your car will run more smoothly, and you’ll see better gas mileage.

Your car can be a haven when temperatures drop, but a faulty heating system can quickly become a chilly problem. If you suspect there may be a problem with your heater or other working parts of your car, schedule a service appointment with one of our professional technicians at Wilsonville Toyota. Call (855) 420-0427 or schedule your appointment online.

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