5 Music Apps for Your Morning Commute

July 28th, 2016 by

Morning CommuteWhether you work in Wilsonville, another suburb, or downtown Portland, you need good music to make the morning commute more enjoyable. There are plenty of apps to keep the tunes flowing, even if the traffic isn’t. Check out this list of five music apps that are ideal companions for your drive to work.

1. Check out Spotify

One of the reasons people love Spotify is its ability to compile a list of songs based on a single suggestion from you. So, if you input a favorite artist or song, Spotify selects music from its vast digital music catalog that has a similar sound to create an instant playlist. Typically, it’s a mix of familiar and newer tunes. This aspect of Spotify is a great way to discover new music. You also get a limited number of opportunities to skip songs in the playlist that you don’t like.

This app offers another cool service: it has a long list of playlists organized by genre and mood. While there are all the categories you’d expect, there are also niche genres such as reggae.

2. Everyone Hearts iHeartRadio

The iHeartRadio app gives you access to hundreds of AM and FM radio stations across the U.S. With a functionality that’s similar to Spotify, iHeartRadio curates music based on your personal tastes and offers playlists by genre. If your commute involves your kids, sample the iHeartRadio Family app for some kid-friendly tunes.

3. Open Pandora

Pandora is an ideal choice for someone who wants to plug and play during the commute since the interface is simple. After you tell Pandora the type of music you like, whether it’s from a particular artist, musical, or genre, the app’s algorithm curates a playlist for you. For each tune that comes up on your channel, you have the option of giving it a thumbs up or thumbs down.

The great thing about Pandora is that it uses your reaction to the music to refine its musical selections. If you don’t think the app’s algorithm is doing a good job of adjusting to your preferences, opt for a playlist that a person has curated.

4. Play Apple Music

With the Apple Music app, your listening history helps shape the playlist the app creates for you. Like Spotify, Apple Music allows you to stream music and download songs for later playback. As a bonus, the app offers access to a continuous global radio station. Well-known people make appearances on the station to play the music they enjoy.

5. Experience Musi

Musi is an app that pulls music from YouTube. Any album or music posted to YouTube is accessible through Musi. All you have to do is place it in the playlist you create. If you have friends using Musi, you can easily share songs and recommend music.

Several of the music apps in this list have a free and paid version. For a daily or monthly fee, you can enjoy your music with fewer commercial interruptions. You may enjoy other perks as well with a paid subscription including more opportunities to skip songs on a playlist and the ability to download songs to your smartphone. Either way, these apps are great options for that daily morning commute to work.

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