What is Apple CarPlay and How Does it Work?

April 5th, 2019 by

What is Apple CarPlay?

The days of slow, standard manufacturer infotainment systems are a thing of the past (finally). Apple CarPlay made its debut in 2016 and is slowly being integrated into various vehicle models, including the 2019 Avalon – the first Toyota with standard Apple CarPlay!

Apple CarPlay is a safe and easy way to use your phone while behind the wheel. CarPlay allows you to use (most of) your favorite apps directly on your car’s touch-screen display.

Listen to your favorite music and podcasts, make phone calls, send and receive text messages, get driving directions and MORE all at the tip of your fingers with Apple CarPlay.

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How Do I Connect to Apple CarPlay?

Connecting to Apple CarPlay is relatively simple. All you need is your iPhone, a lighting USB cable and your beloved Toyota.

Simply plug the lighting cable into your phone, and subsequently into your car’s USB port. If your iPhone is locked with a password, it may prompt you to unlock your phone before the Apple CarPlay screen appears on your touch-screen display.

Once your phone is connected, you can lock your phone once again (if you prefer) and continue to access all of your iPhone’s best functions directly through your vehicle’s display. Safe, easy and fun. Apple CarPlay is currently only compatible with iPhones – not iPads, iPods or Android devices.

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What apps are available on Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay makes it easy to stay connected to your friends and family, take all of your music and podcasts on the road with you, and navigate your trip with ease.

CarPlay showcases all of your favorite native iPhone apps, including: iMessage, Music, Podcasts, Phone, Maps, Audiobooks and more. Additionally, Apple CarPlay is compatible with some external apps, such as iHeartradio, Audible, NPR One, MLB.com, Spotify, Pandora and more. Check out a full list of CarPlay-compatible apps here.

How Do I Disconnect Apple CarPlay?

Disconnecting Apple CarPlay is just as easy (if not easier) than connecting. Just unplug your phone! Once you return to your car for your next trip, plug your phone back in and Apple CarPlay will recognize it immediately. Pretty easy, huh? Thanks, Apple.

Which Toyota Models Have Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay was first introduced to the Toyota lineup with the 2019 Avalon.

Current Toyota models with Apple CarPlay compatibility include:

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